Time Warner Cable Digital TV Service

What is the On-Screen Program Guide?

Time Warner Cable ’s On-Screen Program guide is a user-friendly interactive menu that is displayed on your television set when you select it. With just one press of your remote’s button, you can easily access the time your favorite programs are showing at, a comprehensive TV listing directory, and view detailed descriptions of each program. You can also set reminders and search for your favorites from up to seven days in advance.

How do I get HDTV along with my Time Warner Cable Digital TV?

Simply click the “order online” button at the top left and then select the “high definition” upgrade. Alternately, you can call the toll-free number that is provided at several pages of our site and a customer service representative will assist you in expediting your upgrade to high definition television. You’ll need a high definition TV and to have your digital set top box upgraded to high definition.

How many channels in high definition is it possible to receive with Time Warner Cable Digital TV?

The number of HD channels you receive will vary by region. You can count on receiving all or a good portion of the following channels in high definition: ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, WB, PBS, UPN, Starz!, Discovery Home Theatre and Showtime. You may also qualify for additional HD packages that include movies, events from TNT, ESPN iNHD along with additional movies and sports.

What is the difference between high definition television and digital cable?

Digital television formats the picture you receive in the same way as your calculator and computer does, in ones and zeroes. This refines the picture clarity and is markedly superior to conventional cable. To implement your digital television with high definition (HDTV), you are going beyond standard digital reception. You’ll enjoy a higher resolution and home theatre sound.

Does Time Warner Cable Digital TV offer more digital cable choices than other providers?

Yes. Time Warner Cable has a variety of exclusive On Demand extras. With Movies On Demand, there are no limits placed on your access to our library of current and classic feature films. With Premiums on Demand, you get On Demand access to all your favorite premiums, including: Cinemax®, HBO®, The Movie Channel®, and Showtime®. Favorites On Demand grants you access to network sensations like Comedy Central, Food Channel, Golf Channel, Cartoon Network and Biography. There is even an On Demand that answers your frequently asked questions, called: Answers On Demand. Get all the assistance you need here for common questions such as, how to program your remote control and how to record using a digital video recorder (DVR).

With my Time Warner Cable Digital TV, will I need a digital converter set-top box for each outlet used?

No. You can place your digital converter box in the room you currently use most to watch television.

What does digital cable offer that conventional cable does not?

A. Time Warner Cable Digital TV makes available advanced television with digital cable TV. In addition to the crystal clear picture with the most sharply defined detailed reception, digital sound and expanded entertainment options, you get the useful on-screen program guide, and both paid and free On-Demand programming choices.

What is the difference between digital cable and satellite television?

Digital cable and satellite television both offer a clear picture with vivid detail and reception enhancements. Digital cable travels to your home from a local area, which means you will get the majority of your local channels included in your package in digital quality, and sometimes in high definition, depending on availability in your area. Remember, with digital cable, you don’t have to purchase any dishes that have to be attached to the exterior of your home.

Broadband Internet Online

Does Broadband Internet Online come with email?

Yes. You will receive multiple email accounts so that everyone in your household can create their own unique email address. You also will receive free Internet Security Suite to filter and eliminate SPAM and for added firewall protection, along with consistent software updates.

Why is Broadband Internet Online so popular?

Broadband Internet Online is popular because the connection is always on. You never have to wait as you once had to with dial-up service. You can surf the ‘Net for as many hours as you like for the same fixed price every month. You can also use your telephone while you surf the Net.

Can I create my own personal home page with Broadband Internet Online from Time Warner Cable?

Yes. As part of your Broadband Internet Online subscription, you receive this premium service at no additional charge. Once you create your personal URL, and publish your page, using a variety of different elements (text, graphics), you can email your friends and family the URL so they can visit your page to stay in touch with you.

What if I already have an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Broadband Internet Online can replace your ISP, which is attractive to many subscribers who have made the switch, largely because of the reliable Internet access, multiple email accounts, local and national content, as well as the customizable home page and storage space. You can also use Broadband Internet Online along with an ISP like America Online.

What are some of the amenities I receive along with my Broadband Internet Online service?

With Broadband Internet Online, you get exclusive local news coverage, national news, and entertainment from Time Warner Cable content provider partners and a host of promotional items that vary periodically. Be sure to check out the latest no-cost promotions at your personal home page.

Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone Service Answers

What is Visual Voicemail?

Your Time Warner Cable Voicemail subscription lets you review all your calls online. You’ll even be able to listen to new voicemail messages online. When a new message comes in, you’ll be notified via an email which also includes an audio file of your voicemail message.

What is VoiceZone™?

VoiceZone™ is available with your Voicemail subscription. It gives you online access to review your Voicemails and manage your other calling features as well, such as Call Forwarding and Distinctive Ring.

Will I be able to see the Caller ID on TV feature with my Digital Home Phone Service?

Caller ID on TV is available to Time Warner Cable Customers who subscribe to both Digital Home Phone service and Digital TV. The feature will automatically appear on your TV screen when both of the services have been activated.

How many previous calls can I see with Call History?

Your Call History page displays your five most recent months of outbound domestic, long distance and international calls, as well as operator assisted services and directory assistance by month.

Who can I contact if I am having technical problems or require service for my Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service?

You can dial 6-1-1 from your home phone to contact Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone support for technical help with features, service or repairs. However, you must calling from your home phone to contact Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone support with the 6-1-1 number.

How does 911 work on the Digital Home Phone Service platform?

Enhanced 911 (E-911) is part of your Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone Service plan. It is similar to conventional 911-assistance in that if you should have an emergency, your telephone number and address will be transmitted to emergency services. One important consideration: you may want to think about battery backup for your Digital Home Phone. In the event of a power failure, your telephone won’t work. A battery backup device (or a cellular telephone) will ensure you can contact E-911 if you have an emergency that occurs with a power failure.

Can I use my phone and Internet at the same time?

Yes. Digital Home Phone service can be used at the same time as your Broadband Internet Online because the modem ascribes the two as independent services.

Will my Digital Home Phone Service work with my fax machine?

Yes. You shouldn’t have any issues sending or receiving faxes using your Digital Home Phone service.

Will all my phones be connected once I switch to Time Warner Cable Digital Home Telephone Service?

Yes. All of your existing traditional extensions will function with Digital Home Phone.

Will I need to buy a telephone that was designed for Digital Home Phone service?

No. Your current home telephone will work with Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone Service. This includes your touch-tone, wall-mounted, portable or cordless telephone.

Can I keep my existing telephone number?

In most cases, you will be able to keep your current number. Time Warner Cable needs to certify each new party interested in subscribing to Digital Home Phone Service.

Do I have to subscribe to other Time Warner Cable services in order to order Digital Home Phone?

No. You can order the Digital Home Phone service by itself or as part of one of the Time Warner Cable bundles service offers and receive additional price breaks from Time Warner Cable for doing so. You can order any of the Time Warner Cable services alone or in bundles of two or three services.

What is included in the Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone Service offer?

Time Warner Cable offers you a Digital Home Phone plan that contributes to your peace of mind. This is because you’ll never have to worry about paying exorbitant fees on calls again. For one low rate, each month, you can make as many local and long distance calls in the U.S., Canada and P.R., as you like. Digital Home Phone service also means you’re getting one of the clearest connections modern technology supports today. Also, you’ll get many features like Call Waiting and Caller ID, included at no charge, with your plan.