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Compare Bundles Standard TV + Turbo Internet
TV Channels70+ Channels
HD ChannelsLocal HD
Download SpeedsUp to 20 Mbps
Perfect ForDownloading large files, playing online games, streaming videos without buffering and more
McAfee® Anti-Virus and Spyware Protection Check mark
Internet Parental Controls Check mark
FREE WiFi Check mark

Take Advantage of Special Bundle Offers on TV, Internet and Home Phone CALL NOW!

Get Spectrum® Internet Deals and TV Plus Phone Offers

Spectrum offers you a selection of great entertainment that you can enjoy 24 hours a day. From TV with no fee HD choices to Internet Online and l Home Phone service with unlimited calling plans, you can stay connected to all the things in life that make you laugh, learn and smile the most. Now you can enjoy “all three. HASSLE-FREE.” from Spectrum, a great new package that combines all of these services together on one low monthly bill. This package includes the following services:

  • TV plan
  • Internet plan
  • Home Phone plan

The “all three HASSLE-FREE” promotion saves you money on the services you really want and use the most. But even when you purchase high-speed Internet and home phone service individually, you’ll get the most bang for your entertainment buck!

Deals that Include no fee HD Choices!
With special features like these, it’s easy to see you’ve made the right choice in digital entertainment! Popular packages can include over 200 channels and can be customized to suit your personal viewing preferences. Spectrum with On Demand gives you a library full of viewing choices in every category including horror movies, comedies, classics, documentaries, concerts and more.

Internet Puts You in the Fast Lane!
Internet Online gives you the speed to make the most of your high speed Internet connection. Socializing, shopping, gaming and more is faster and easier than ever before. With Spectrum Internet, you’ll never have to dial up or log out – you’re always on connection is ready when you are. Plus, when you’re away from home, you’ll still have access to your email with Spectrum webmail. A customized home page, multiple email accounts and free online security tools add even more value.

Ring In the Savings with Home Phone Service
Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the same long distance savings on your home phone as you can with a cell phone? Well now you can, thanks to Spectrum Home Phone service! Keep your same home phone and phone number and save money month after month with unlimited calling plans that let you call anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for one low monthly price. Plus, you’ll get to keep all the features you rely on, like call waiting, caller ID, anonymous call rejection and more.